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Hack #4: What to Look for When Viewing a Flat

So you found a flat you like to rent in Leeds , you asked the main questions I recommended in this article and now you are heading to view the flat for the first time. Marweezy is here to help you look beyond the obvious and spot any issues before you say “I’ll take it”.

In an ideal world, I would like you to find the place of your dreams! However, nowhere will tick all of your boxes, but at least checking the points below should make you feel more confident about whether to rent the flat or not.

Here are the main 13 essential points to check during your next viewing

1. Damp

Check for signs of damp by looking for peeling wallpaper, dark patches, discolouration and mould as seen in the picture. This is caused by bad ventilation of the place and can lead to serious health issues.

2. Cleanliness

Any property should be cleaned professionally before you move in. If the cleanliness of the flat is not up to your standard, make sure to raise that with the landlord/agent and get them to confirm in writing that it will be done before you move in.

3. Damages

Look out for burnt surfaces in the kitchen, damaged walls or windows and any issues. Make sure to take pictures as it will be very important for your inventory check if you decided to move in. You could be blamed for any broken items if you can’t prove it wasn't done by you.

4. Pet Hair

Some landlords allow tenants to have pets. However, you could have an allergy to pets or simply you don’t want to be bitten by fleas. Animals can transfer insects onto the flat which are very difficult to detect until you get bitten. Ask the agent, but also look out for pet hair on surfaces like sofas, carpets etc.

if there is then make sure to get a confirmation from the agent/landlord that Pest control will attend the flat before you move in.

5. Appliances

Rented flats usually have most of the white goods such as fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer etc. However, some might not have all of these appliances. Check which ones this flat has and also make sure that they are working. Simply turn on or off or if they are already on then check if they are working properly like cooling in the case of a fridge.

6. Storage

Have a look at the cupboards, drawers and storage room if there is one. Do you think it is enough for all of your belongings or will you need more? If the wardrobes aren’t big enough but there is space then you can just get your own storage items or ask the agent/landlord to provide one. Not all landlords will agree but some are nice so give it a go.

7. Water Pressure and Temperature

This is an extremely important point. Try out the hot water in the flat in all taps to ensure that boiler works fine. Also, turn the shower on and check the maximum water pressure you can get. There are certain situations where the flat’s water pressure is too low that you will struggle to have a nice shower. Ensure that you are comfortable with both, temperature and pressure.

8. Toilet Flushing

Although this should fall under the water pressure checks, but I believe it needs its own point as a bad flushing mechanism is very unhygienic and can’t be easily fixed. Actually the whole toilet will need replacing. How to test the flushing?! Throw some toilet paper in the toilet and flush it. If it goes away, happy days! If not then stay away from this flat.

9. Extractor Fan

After you’ve done the checks in the bathrooms, one more is left in there. Is there an extractor fan? Is it working fine? If there isn’t one or its not working then this needs to be sorted out; otherwise, you will get damp and eventually mould in your bathrooms.

10. Windows

Now head over to the windows in the flat and look outside. Is there any construction work next to you? Is there a club right opposite your street? Trust me you don’t want to live close to any of these as you won’t be able to sleep when you want to or even relax due to the shouting and drilling. Try to open and close the windows and check if they reduce the noise to a level you can tolerate and live with.

11. Phone Signal

Try sending a Whatsapp or using your internet browser inside the flat. Make a phone call to a friend. Walk around the flat while doing so and check if signal strength is ok. You will be spending a lot of time in your flat, so you want to make sure you are reachable and can reach your loved ones whenever.

12. Night Visit

If the area doesn’t seem like its on the main road or close to public amenities, I suggest visiting the area the night before the viewing if possible or after. This will help you answer the question of “will I be able to safely walk home alone at night?”

13. You

Ask yourself is this where I want to live? Is the flat nice and size is suitable? Is it close to my friends? Is it easy to get to university or work from here? Are there any concerns? Am I happy with it?

Finally, if you would like Marweezy to help you with your viewings, please contact us via our contact form or simply call us at +447557366604.


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