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Hack #2: 33% Off Train Tickets All Year!

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Like spending your weekends in London or checking out Selfridges in Manchester, follow my advice and save 33% on your train tickets!!

The average price for a return ticket from Leeds to London is around £100 if you buy it a week in advance. The price of the ticket can jump to £240 if its peak time. This is quite expensive especially if you like exploring the UK and got friends in different cities.

Don’t you worry! Marweezy got a hack for you called a “Railcard”. That £100 train ticket will now be £66! Yes you can now travel even more …

What is a Railcard?

A Railcard is a discount card that allows you to save up to 1/3 off the price of eligible train tickets, making it a great way to secure cheap fares. It is so easy to get, and it can be digital so you’ll never forget it at home. There are several type of it. However, the main ones which were useful to me are:



Family & Friends

Two Together



33% for adults & 60% for kids



For ages 16 -25 only

maximum 4 adults and 4 kids

Two named travelers


£30 for 1 year or £70 for 3 years

£30 for 1 year or £70 for 3 years

£30 for 1 year

Note: for all the railcards, you will have to name the travelers when setting it up, and it can't be changed until expiry.

16-25 Railcard

I suggest getting this card to start with. if you're over 25, there is another rail card called "26-30" which has the same discount. This card will be only for you to use and not anyone else. It is like an ID with your picture on it as seen in the image.

Family & Friends Railcard

This card is very useful if you’re family comes to visit and you travel a lot together. It gives you 1/3 off train fares for up to 4 adults and 60% off for up to 4 kids between 5 and 15.

Two Together Railcard

I found this card very beneficial as my mother is visiting frequently, and we are constantly traveling together. This type of card is for you and another person without age restrictions. However, you have to be traveling together to use it and it is always the same two people.

How to get a Railcard?

The easiest way to get a railcard, and the one which I recommend is through the app called “Trainline”. The app can be downloaded on an iPhone or an Android too. The app is super useful. You can buy train tickets and have your digital railcard on it, so you never forget it at home!.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Download the app and create an account

2. Tap 'Buy 1-year for £30' or 'Buy 3-year for £70' (if applicable) to get the Railcard you want on your phone

3. Enter your first and last name (and date of birth if you need to prove your age). You will need your passport as a proof of ID and/or age

4. Upload a digital passport-style photo for your Railcard from your phone. You can basically use a selfie on your phone

5. Purchase the Railcard

Tip: Every year on black Friday (towards end of November), trainline discounts the card by 50% !! so you can buy it for £15 instead of £30.

How to Apply the Discount?

Ready for your 33% off!! Follow the steps below to get the discount automatically:

1. Go on "Trainline" app
2. Select your train journey as normal
3. Then click on "Add Railcard" as highlighed on the image
4. Choose the type of railcard

Voila! The discount will be applied automatically and the price of the train tickets will reflect that on your search.

How to View your Railcard?

Sometimes you will be asked by the ticket inspector to show your ticket and railcard. To show your railcard, all you have to do is click on “account” on the trainline app and choose “railcard” as highlighted in the image.


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