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Hack #1: Setting up gas and electricity for the first time

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

I know you're excited moving in and want to explore Leeds. However, you have to do this ASAP so you don't have cold showers!.

Do you want to pay for the electricity and gas bills of the previous tenants?!!

Do you want the electricty or gas to cut off suddenly while you're working on your assignments and you forgot to click save?!!

Do you want to have a cold shower in the middle of Winter?!!

I thought so too!

simply follow the steps below to set up gas & electricity in your home:

1. Find out whether the flat runs on electricity and/or gas

The agent/landlord will have this information as its important to know how many accounts you need to setup. If the flat uses both electricity and gas, youll have to set up two accounts if they are different suppliers.

The next steps assumes you need to setup both, electricity and gas. However, both have exactly the same process with very minor differences.

2. Find out who supplies energy to the property

Option 1: Ask the seller or estate agent before you move in.

Option 2: Simply call any energy supplier such as EDF and give them your address. They will be able to find out who is your energy provider.

3. Find your gas and/or electricity meters

The agent or landlord should tell you exactly where are the meters. if you're curious to findout yourself, they look like this image.

4. Take meter readings

Get your phone out and take pictures of your meter readings. This step is extremely important and should be done on the day you move in. For both meters, the reading can be found on the screen as seen in the image.

However, you might have to press the button until you can see the right numbers. By right numbers, I mean a number in kWh for electricity and m^3 for gas. if not sure which numbers to take picture of, just take a picture of all the numbers (only takes few seconds).

Trust me you will save money by doing this as you won't have to pay for energy you haven't used especially if previous tenants haven't closed their accounts yet!!!

5. Find your meter serial number (MSN)

If you have taken pictures of your meter it will probably be already in there. It's a number used by the energy supplier to help identify your flat and set up your account. The meter number can be found on the actual meter not the screen and is highlighted in yellow in the image.

6. Call the energy supplier

Finally the last step!

Call the energy supplier or you can even whatsapp them (a lot easier).

They will ask you multiple questions such as your personal details, meter serial number (step 5), meter readings (step 4) and your tenancy agreement.

The meter readings and tenancy agreement are important as it proves that you only recently moved in so they can't charge you extra if there is any outstanding balance by previous occupants or the landlord!.

If you are too busy to setup your own electricity and gas accounts, please contact us via the link below and we will do it for you!


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